How Do Noise Cancelling Headphones Work?

Your hearing is not something that you want to lose. However, the last time that you tried to listen to music on your mobile device, did you notice how difficult it is to actually hear the music with outside factors interrupting it? Did you find yourself turning up the volume in an attempt to enjoy the music? The problem is, turning up those headphones too loudly can do damage to your hearing, and it almost never works to drown out the sounds around you. This is how noise-canceling headphones can play a role in protecting your hearing.

Many people wonder how these headphones actually work, and many people question how they could possibly work to actually drown out the noise around you. These headphones actually work on in two ways, including active and passive noise reduction. To better understand them, here is a breakdown about these two levels.

Passive vs Active Noise Cancellation

Passive noise reduction is actually generally used in almost any headphones to some degree. This is the first front for blocking out sounds that may try to reach your ears from outside sources. This type of method includes insulation or material included within the headphones’ shell to help stop the sound. Generally, this insulation is in the form of a foam or other noise reducing material. While all headphones have this passive system, it is usually used to a greater extent in the noise reducing models.

The second type of noise reduction, active, is much more technological, and goes to much greater extents to stop outside sounds from reaching your ears. In modern noise-cancelling headphones, a sensor is built in that actually captures the pitch of the outside sounds that may try to come through to your hearing. When this sensor picks up on a sound, it actively creates a tone that is in direct cancellation of the outside sound. By doing this, the two sounds cancel each other out, and you never hear either of them. In this active manner, noise-cancelling headphones can quite efficiently remove any outside noise you may have a chance to hear.

Protect Your Hearing

When you listen to music, you do not want to have to compete with outside sounds. Those sounds can range from mildly annoying to completely distracting, and they often will cause you to turn up that volume. However, you do not want to do damage to your hearing, and this can easily occur if you repeatedly listen to music at loud settings. Instead of fighting with those outside noises, whether they come from your roommate talking on the phone or on the job sounds, you can use noise-cancelling headphones.

Do these headphones work? By using the combination of active and passive noise reduction, they do an excellent job of providing the proper amount of noise cancellation. Keep in mind, however, that not all brands of headphones can provide the same level of noise reduction, so it is important to research noise cancelling headphone and earphone Top 10 lists from gear websites such as HiDevour. With that in mind, you may be considering a nice pair already, that’s fine just make sure it has all teh real features you want and so that you can find the very best set for maximum noise reduction.