Podlinez brings internet audio content to your phone. Any internet audio content, such as a podcast, can be assigned a phone number. Then anyone can call to listen to it anytime of the day or night.

Got audio content? We can publish it here or we can fetch it automatically from any RSS/XML feed url.

Love to listen? We've got thousands of podcasts and other audio content available. You can direct dial any of the podcasts listed, or you can make a play list and have all your favorite programs updated automatically on one convenient phone number. All for just $14.95/mo

PausePress 5 to pause or resume the audio
StopPress 0 to stop the audio and go on to the next episode or hear the menu
Fast ForwardPress 3 to skip 1 minute
Fast RewindPress 1 to rewind back 1 minute

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Monday - Friday

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